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I would think that Welch, good friend that he is, would, as part of his wedding present, provide each wedding guest, as a wedding favor, with an autographed copy of the book. Aside from the undying gratitude of each recipient, such a purchase would catapault him to the top of Amazon's popularity poll, garnering him guest appearances on Oprah, Conan and Hardball.

As the individual who proposed this well-thought-out plan, I would receive an autographed copy of a printer's proof edition along with lifetime passes to the movie.

Humbly yours,





The person whose comments on musical content are verboten

P.S. After hearing about what you did in her absence, is Kim still intent on going through with the wedding?

Dear Alan/Dad/Sir,

Kim is still interested in going through with the wedding, despite Jason's slight judgement lapse this past weekend. In fact, after eleven hours of hobbits, I was looking quite good by the time I made my return home. Thank you, Elijah Wood. Next time I'll have to leave him with the extended version of Time Bandits.

Congrats on the book publication, Welch, that's fantastic. You're even a recommended buy along with another Amazon book. Your own little Title IX alliance. That's just cool.


Thanks to all for the love and plugs for the book. Sales are pretty good so far--I've cracked the top 60,000 or so on Amazon a couple of times. Dan Brown is in my sights, at least when I have my binoculars.
Alan, the book idea is a marvelous one and would go very nicely with the pro women's soccer team I was planning to get J&K as a wedding present. Want to go halves?

Quote from my mom:

"It's the wise child! Plus, with the money you saved on the tux, you could buy a seersucker suit!"

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