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Oh, friend. You may rue this day when you return from Finland to find a utility corset creation station in your basement.

I live in Kuopio and was just getting ready to walk out the door to get my hair cut. I paused. Do I tip? A quick google search "tipping hair salon Finland" led me here. No tips, halleluia. So true about not tipping in the States. I even tip big at Great Clips so they contunue a top-notch $11 cut. I'll take note of the Kuopion style utility corsets for you. entertaining blog, by the way. cheers.

I raised a brow at the Saab reference considering your brother-in-law works at Saab (and I get them for free). However Alex informed me that he will get you a used Saab for the amount you paid for your haircut.

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