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Your decision to focus on "KKK" whilst totally ignoring the obviously more important term "RAKUUNA" is most revealing. Had you taken the time to do the research, you would have learned that "RAKUUNA" means the following:

1. The Finnish Defense Forces rakuunaperinteitä fosters Rakuunaeskadroona Army context.

When the Uusimaa Rakuunapataljoona yet independent brigade, the basic unit was eight:

* 1. 1. Eskadroona (Lippueskadroona) Squadron (Lippueskadroona)
* 2. 2. Eskadroona (Kuoleman eskadroona) Squadron (The death squadron)
* 3. 3. Eskadroona (Iskueskadroona) Squadron (Iskueskadroona)
* Kranaatinheitineskadroona (Mustat husaarit) Kranaatinheitineskadroona (Black hussar)
* Panssarintorjuntaeskadroona (Tuhoojahusaarit) Panssarintorjuntaeskadroona (Tuhoojahusaarit)
* Esikuntaeskadroona Esikuntaeskadroona
* Huoltoeskadroona Huoltoeskadroona
* Kuljetuseskadroona Kuljetuseskadroona

Rakuunoiden brigade symbol of the Swedish king Frederick I's crowned monogram.

(Until I read that, I always had my doubts.)

2. Dragon

3. Dragoon

4. Tarragon.

5. Brand of Finnish beer

6. And most importantly:

Rakuuna is a son of the Danish bull T Lambada out of a Goldfinger dam. His daughters have outstanding udder conformation with nice-attached udders. Rakuuna also transmits extremely positive fertility, good udder health and easy calvings. His TMI is as high as +23.
Rakuuna was born 2002 at Kannonkoski in Finland.

Now, we turn to the KKK. As americans used to bringing out the worst, you naturally assume a reference to the infamous Ku Klux Klan. In reality, it means that the Tarragon is Kosher; the beer is Kosher; and, the beef is Kosher. And that's no Bull!

After reading this, it should be obvious to all that I have too much free time.

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